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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why Belly Up?

There are lots of good birth blogs out there...I mean really, lots.  There is also an infinity of websites devoted purely to birth and an infinite number more devoted to all the various "ways" to give birth, some ways with which I have not heard of and might even be scared to watch.  I won't claim that this blog will add new, never written information concerning childbirth, nor do I think it I will always (ever?) be able to say it better than other blogs or birth experts.

Belly Up will exist because I like to write and I like birth.  I also admit that I am a mom of young children who from time to time needs a creative outlet and I have a sweet hubby who is probably sick to death of listening to my birth talk.  So in the spirit of both marital harmony and "me" time, consider this that creative outlet.  

I am a childbirth educator and doula and I hope that my doula-ness comes through what I write....that is to say that this is not just another natural birth advocacy blog.  I am indeed an advocate of natural birth (or normal birth as I usually call the process of a mom birthing her baby without interference), but what I like even more is helping give couples the tools to take charge of their pregnancy and labor and to find their voice in the process.  That will look different to each couple and is something that no OB, midwife, or hospital can do. 

So what other biases do I hold about birth besides thinking women's bodies rock?  Since I am getting started, let me just throw some out on the figurative table.  I am a Christian (think more Mennonite without the plain dressing rather than Joel Osteen if you need a mental picture).  I have given birth with an epidural, I have birthed med free in a hospital and I have birthed at home with a midwife.  I love homebirth and I am currently a newbie midwifery student, so obviously some bias there.  Otherwise I am "just" a wife, stay home mommy to my 4 kiddos, and of course doula/CBE and all around birth junkie.

So that is me and that is the last time I plan to talk about myself.  Birth is WAY more interesting!

(yup, that is my belly)