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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Finish Line

This was written by a friend of mine and I love what she wrote so much I had to steal it (with permission of course!).  She has five children now, two born via c-section, two hospital VBACs and her newest baby was born at home, and obviously also a VBAC.   I admit I sometimes cringe a little when I hear birth and athletics being compared because I don't do athletics...not 1Ks, not 5Ks and certainly not marathons, but I like her thoughts about why she compares the two.

In her words:
"Something that I have heard a lot over the last few months, those leading up to and those just after my daughter's birth, is the question of why in the world anyone would choose to birth a baby without the modern help of pain meds.  Why would anyone do that, I mean really why?? Here is my simple answer... just because. No really. I see so many women bragging on Facebook about the 5K they just finished, or maybe the half-marathon or triathlon they are working towards. They brag on the super hard workout they did today or the amount of miles they ran.

This is my own personal marathon, a challenge to allow myself to do what my body was built to do. Birth in and of itself is not a medical emergency, it is just an everyday thing that women have been doing for thousands of years. It's funny to me how in our modern world of empowered women and in the age where women can do it all and are strong and powerful (and certainly not to be seen as weaker than men) that when it comes to birth, those standards don't exist. My birth allowed me to tap into that strong woman, that empowered woman who can endure a pain that seems unbearable and still come out the victor. I will not be cheated out of experiencing the deep inner strength that comes from natural birth.

Now please before I get any naysayers,  I have had hospital births and even two c-sections so I know all about the necessity of medical intervention. In fact I have experienced birth from just about every angle.  Birth is so much more than just getting the baby out so you can move on to the holding and loving phase. It really is a deeply spiritual experience in which you as a woman find strength of which you never knew you had to accomplish a seemingly impossible task.  Now *that* is empowering, not to mention the most amazing prize you get at the end!"

I am not sure I can add much to her words.  Except that since I am most likely done having babies it might be time to go get a gym membership.